Saturday, 3 December 2011

Clicking Your Own AdSense Ads

Clicking Your Own AdSense Ads is DUMB and desperate.

If you click your own ads the Google AdSense Team will know, it's automated.

They track IP addresses you log into your Google AdSense account with and if you are dumb enough to click your own ads you are probably too stupid to use a proxy to log into AdSense or use a proxy for the AdSense clicking.

If you do use a proxy for the AdSense cheating do you not think Google AdSense monitors unusual proxy usage on an AdSense account? No matter what you do to cheat AdSense, you will get caught eventually.

I've been using AdSense for years and never cheated, yet have made tens of thousands of dollars from AdSense. Remember if you use click exchange programs you will be caught eventually, maybe you'll get away with it for a year, maybe not even long enough to get your first AdSense cheque (that seems to be the norm), whatever the case it is really difficult to get a second AdSense account so when the AdSense program is gone, it's probably gone forever for an AdSense cheater.

Why You Shouldn't Cheat Google AdSense